June 2011

Life's Essentials

Jun 28, 2011 8:41 PM
Sandra R Braund

There are certain essentials needed as staples in one’s wardrobe. The one that remained on my list was a Burberry trench. Light, versatile, classic and chic. Love it, need it, gotta get it. I decided it was on the list far too long and headed to Burberry (not a chore). While there, I noticed their business cards strategically displayed throughout the store. How clever to think that a customer perusing their collections would also pick up a business card - inspiring a return visit. I reached for one (two, really) to temporarily tuck away.

At first glance, the card was simple – but I had to look at it again. The card was uncluttered, with the logo – Burberry in black ink on a white stock. I rubbed my finger over the word Burberry that revealed a raised print – the secret behind its distinction. Perfect. I placed the cards in the side pocket of my purse and set off to give consideration to my choices.

The card revealed itself on several occasions, tucked ever so ingeniously away in a separate yet highly conspicuous accommodation - unmistakable in its’ intentions. Every time I opened my purse, I would gaze upon it unintentionally, yet purposefully – its subject matter a constant reminder of an imminent and essential purchase.

When I finally acquired my trench, I donned it lovingly like it had been an essential part of my wardrobe forever. One day, the neighbourhood nemesis interrogated me regarding the policies and procedures involved in acquiring such a commodity and I simply handed her the card. No words are needed with a card like that and I knew as the card left my hands, it had spawned another shopper – one more lethal than I.

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